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Britney grew up in the Orange Mound community of Memphis with plans of one day becoming a doctor thinking this was the key to becoming successful. Looking back, she realizes the options pitched to a young, smart, black girl in the South were limited. Leaving Memphis in 2007 to attend colleges in Texas and Philadelphia and traveling to 16 countries before returning to her hometown opened her eyes to the limitlessness of her possibilities. Britney has a passion for community work and empowering the underserved, she has dabbled in politics, mentored young people and now looks forward to running her own small business in what she considers the best community in the world, Orange Mound. 

Masters Level Social Worker – 2014

Educator – since 2014

Executive Director, JUICE Orange Mound – 2016

Britney’s Mission: Healing and strengthening the quality of relationships

“Quality is our value; community is our concern”                                                                     




Kenyas ah-ha moment and introduction to hemp was around 2016 when her best friend, Rhonda, told her about a CBD product being sold at a local health food store. Rhonda immersed herself in all things natural after a health scare and she found pain relief using CBD tinctures and creams. Kenya tried CBD and was hooked! Among friends she is considered the Google queen and with a degree in Journalism, Kenya has been on a quest to learn all she can about farming, cannabis, and hemp. “I have loved ones suffering from chronic back and joint pain, anxiety and I have insomnia. I have been a consumer of CBD creams, teas, and hemp seeds for years, usually sharing what I find with my family and friends. I have incorporated hemp into my family’s goal of a healthier lifestyle, and I want to share my finds and favorites with others. Kenya is the proud mom of one college-aged daughter and wife to Dave Jones Jr.

Tennessee Hemp Growers license – 2019

Healthcare Sales and Service Industry – since 2002

Kenya’s Mission: Educate about living a healthier lifestyle by being thoughtful about what we put on and in our bodies. Managing stress and pain naturally.

“Britney and I have a goal of being a trusted resource for all things hemp by offering hemp products like clothing, soaps, candles, pre-rolls, teas and edibles with CBD and hemp.”