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Why Hemp?
Let us start with its other name, Cannabis Sativa or industrial hemp is cultivated for its fiber, edible seeds, buds, and leaves. To be classified as industrial hemp the cannabis must contain no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight. Hemp is legal and it will not get you high. Hemp is strong and it grows fast by reaching maturity in 3 to 4 months compared to other plants used to make clothing, rope and building material, like cotton. Hemp when used in fiber form is naturally wicking, anti-microbial, holds it color and gets softer over time. Using hemp meets our mission of doing what we can to protect the planet by being one of the most eco-friendly fibers available. While more expensive than most fibers, we plan to incorporate it into clothing products that we think you will enjoy!

Why Honey?
Honey was selected as a foundation ingredient not only because it is sexy, but because it is an amazing substance from nature. Would you believe some say honeybees have graced Earth for over 40 million years and that honey was considered sacred because it offered healing properties? Today, we see honey in cosmetics, lotions, soaps, and beverages and it is still used for its medicinal properties. When honey is added to our products it is so customers can benefit from its anti-microbial and antiseptic value and its moisturizing and protecting properties. It is estimated that in less than 5 years consumption of honey will exceed 2.8 million tons and because there is such a high demand for honey, some have resorted to honey fraud! Hemp and Honey 901's plan is to source local honey whenever possible with a goal of one day adding a community apiary. This will be our way of keeping the integrity of the honey in our products!






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